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The Awakening Man 2.0

Sacred Valley, Peru| June 16-23, 2018

The Awakening Man is a transformational event for men and women looking to awaken to their greatest power, potential and authentic self-expression in the world. 

We are bringing together a group of courageous men and women willing to dive deep into what it truly means to be a human being in the 21st century; free of any labels, restrictions or limitations.

Visit our website and watch a video which tells it all at www.awakenedjourneys.com

Our inaugural Awakening Man occured in August 2017 taking us into the Sacred Valley of Peru and up into the majestic and mystical Andes mountains with like-minded men as we hiked our way through the Lares region, visited the incredible Macchu Pichu and explored all the wonders that the Sacred Valley offers. Throughout the week, we visited Andean villages and met the local indigenous people in their mountain villages. Nights were spent camping amidst the spectacular mountains. The combination of western learning through workshops, indigenous learning and ceremonies with our shaman, created an experience never to be forgotten.

We connected, learned and raised our consciousness. This sacred exploration included daily reflection, group discussions and exercises all centered around our full integration as a complete and whole human being.


The Coach’s Retreat – Bali

The Coach’s retreat in Bali was an enlivening week of rejuvenation, inspiration, creation, with a dash of adventure.

Coaches from all over the world joined in magical Bali, at the 5 star Floating Leaf retreat center,  to connect in a deeply authentic way to themselves, each other and to discover their emerging potential. It left each of us with an unforgettable experience which propelled us forward into realizing our life purpose.