My Travels

There is something about motion that is very comforting and feeds my nomadic soul. As an avid traveler, I have visited over 75 countries, lived abroad and traveled to all 50 U.S. States. My personal belief is to live life as an adventure with no regrets. This is my mission, to explore, learn and do as much as possible.

Several of my most memorable adventures have been:

– Trekking the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia
– Exploring Mongolia’s Gobi Desert
– Venturing above the Arctic Circle to Nordkapp
– Cruising down the Amazon River
– A restorative wellness experience at Canyon Ranch
– And, my personal favorite, visiting the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda

While I love all travel, my passion is transformational adventure travel; those active trips which get us “out there” in nature, involve cultural interaction and opportunities for reflection. I see the dramatic impact that travel has as it shifts perspectives and we become clear on what is important in our life. This awareness lasts long after we’ve unpacked our luggage.

I am passionate about transformative experiences. Through my partnership with Connoisseur Travel, a renowned full-service travel agency in Washington, DC. I am able to partner with my clients to help them plan the perfect transformational vacation.  There’s a wide range of possibilities from spa weeks, trekking and bicycle adventures to customized journeys and luxurious travel to places off the beaten path.

There is a lot out there to see and experience. An adventure awaits You!

Interested in taking your own adventure? Contact me at Connoisseur Travel

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